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Is canny too expensive and complex for you? Are you looking for an easier way to let your users vote without having them sign up every time?

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"Was very easy and intuitive to get started and I was able to do it in a few minutes which was good."

Joe Bloxsome,

Founder at GoPasswordless

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Pricing Comparison

Canny's Premium Pricing (as of April 2024)

Has Free Plan







Features.Vote's Premium Pricing

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What we offer

Embeddable Voting Board

Embed a voting board directly in to your app

Embeddable Suggest a Feature Popup

Effortlessly show a popup so that users can easily share their feature requests

Embeddable Roadmap

Build trust and transparency with your users with your very own Roadmap

Content Moderation

Manage feature requests and delete spam on the portal.

Authenticate users easily

Authenticate users seamlessly within your app. No need for additional logins.

Stats and analytics

Assess how visible your Voting board is. See how many views and interactions it is getting

Activity Log

See who upvoted and interacted with your board in real time

2-minute set up and one time pricing

The lowest effort and cost with the highest value

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